The Hawkeye Wrestling Club is doing some big things

If you’ve read much on Brilliant Disguise you know I’m a big wrestling fan, and a fan of the Iowa Hawkeyes in particular. Since 2011, I’ve been doing some volunteer writing for the Hawkeye Wrestling Club website, which trains post-collegiate wrestlers to compete internationally and at the Olympics. This article at IAwrestle is a nice summation of the HWC’s 2014 successes, evidence that the club is regaining its status as the premiere training environment in the country for Olympic-caliber wrestlers.

The Hawkeye Wrestling Club, and the University of Iowa wrestlers that affiliate with it, has had a really great 2014 to this point. They have placed four different wrestlers on a World Team, been featured by Flowrestling, and have even gone as far to add a new element that has been missing.

The Recovery of Matt McDonough

The things Matt McDonough has done for the University of Iowa in a Hawkeye singlet have to be one of the all time great accomplishments for an Iowa lightweight, and that’s saying something. McDonough came out of Linn-Mar high school in Iowa and shocked the country when as a redshirt freshman he made the Big Ten and NCAA finals, coming away with a title in the latter. Fast forward to the end of his college career where he was a twotime NCAA champion, and a four time Big Ten finalist. The bad news however, would be Matt’s final…

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