5/9 Reading Room: Around the Web this week

Metcalf dominates at Beat the Streets | Hawkeye Wrestling Club

“There was a whole lot going on all around Wednesday at the 2014 Beat the Streets event “Team USA vs World All-Stars”, as you might expect from a wrestling meet staged outdoors in the middle of Times Square in New York City. Enormous electronic billboards and neon signs flashed overhead, adding visual noise to the loud music and raucous crowd sitting mat side. None of that fazed Hawkeye Wrestling Club’s Brent Metcalf, who took care of business against Russia’s Magomed Kurbanaliev, winning an 11-8 decision over the 2013 World bronze medalist at 65kg/143 lbs.”

Rock and roll future, 40 years on | Backstreets

The preeminent site for all things Bruce Springsteen takes a look back at the concert that inspired the famous review quote from Jon Landau: “I saw rock and roll future and its name is Bruce Springsteen.” That part of the story’s been told a million times, but Backstreets also has some rare photos from the soundcheck for that show, courtesy of photographer Barry Schneier. When you look at them, you’ll be reminded of Bruce’s quip in the Blood Brothers documentary, “Back when this was a band that wore hats …”

Coffee and tea around the world | Pew Research Center

Is it coffee that gets you up and moving in the morning, or is it tea? Your answer to that question would vary widely depending on where you live. Pew’s interactive chart will tell you if your brew of choice conforms to your country’s norm or if, like me, you buck the trend all around you. “As economic geographers and market analysts have long known, most countries show a distinct preference for one or the other — a legacy of geopolitics, colonial expansion and shifting trade patterns.”

Literary Style: 15 writers’ bedrooms | Apartment Therapy

nowhere is the essence of the artist more present than in the bedroom. It’s here that one can intuit much about a writer’s process. Is it a hermit’s lair? A sanctuary? A work space? Is it the place where they do all of their best work, or the place that allows them to leave that work behind?

Herky goes on parade again around Iowa City

Finally, tweets that show off a couple of the unique artists’ visions of what Herky, mascot for the University of Iowa, might get up to. In the first, he’s embracing his home of Iowa City, one of the UNESCO World Cities of Literature, by becoming a Little Free Library. In the second, he’s channeling iconic public-television painter Bob Ross.