4/11 Reading Room: Around the Web this week

Connecticut Pride: Silly Putty, Frisbees and College Basketball Champs | Sports Illustrated

America’s bafflement is understandable. Connecticut had no real business becoming the nation’s foremost repository of basketball glory, sandwiched as it is between Massachusetts and New York, double-teamed by the birthplace of basketball and the self-proclaimed World’s Most Famous Arena.

High Hopes 2014 Oz/NZ Tour: Top 100 Photos | Paramatta Yankee

Call it a lack of willpower or an overabundance of great shots or an inability to let go of the streak of joy that was Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band in Australasia in 2014. Whatever. A hundred it is.

17 Most Memorable ‘Mad Men’ Moments | HitFix.com

And what memories. From Betty’s air rifle outing, to Sally’s discovery of Don’s, erm, uncovered indiscretions, to jolting loss of Lane, HitFix has outlines what we think are some of the most memorable scenes, sayings and moments in the show’s history.

 Nils Lofgren Recalls Touring With Bruce, Writing With Lou Reed | Rolling Stone

For all his skills as a singer, switchblade-riff guitarist and writer of both rockers and ballads, Lofgren never scored a hit album or single. As Face the Music demonstrates, that lack of commercial success didn’t impact on his stature in the business. Various tracks include cameos by Springsteen, Neil Young (who has recruited Lofgren for numerous projects over the years, starting with After the Gold Rush), Willie Nelson and even Rick James.

How to Predict MLB Records From Early Results | FiveThirtyEight.com

So while the Washington Nationals’ and Milwaukee Brewers’ current MLB co-leading 6-2 records come with a .750 winning percentage, we’d really only expect each of them to have .527 winning percentages from now on, based on the information we have relative to our prior (the population of MLB teams from which the Brewers and Nationals are selected).