The G.O.P.’s Dixiecrat Problem

From The New Yorker, an interesting look at the origins of the current political dysfunction on the right: it all goes back to 1948:

The [Confederate] flag, defended by its stalwarts as an apolitical symbol of Southern pride, actually came to prominence not in the aftermath of the Civil War but eighty years later, in defiance of civil rights. The massive resistance campaigns that inspired the Southern Manifesto and shut down school districts rather than comply with Brown v. Board of Education were orchestrated under the banner of the Stars and Bars. The election that galvanized the brand of racialized acrimony and indignation we’re now seeing in the country was not the one that brought Barack Obama to office in 2008; it was the one in 1948, which brought us the Dixiecrats.

The G.O.P.’s Dixiecrat Problem : The New Yorker