Colored staples

A lot of paper crosses my desk every day here in the Trip Factory. Most of it is being submitted by college students, some of whom are clearly as smitten by office supplies as I am. None of their little embellishments — fancy report covers, colorful binder clips, imaginatively shaped paperclips — have any influence on the outcome of their applications, but they are a welcome break from the monotonous sea of white paper, black print, single-sided, double-spaced documents I find myself drowning in every day.

One of these fripperies, however, I do not understand: colored staples. In recent weeks I have received papers fastened with staples that are pink, blue, purple, gold. Pretty, eh? Except the only time I notice the color of staples is after I pull them out (a necessity in our workflow so we can scan the documents). If we were leaving the papers as they are submitted, I would guess that I would never even notice the staples 98% of the time. So what’s the point, do you think? Any and all theories, crackpot or otherwise, will be welcomed in the comments.


2 thoughts on “Colored staples

  1. I’m guessing most college students don’t actually purchase a full size, whack through a 30 page stack of paper Swingline stapler. They buy those little, cheap, colorful, pack it flat staplers for 3 bucks. Those are always sold with the colorful staples.

    Mine was.

  2. Ah, thanks for that explanation. I’m sure you’re right that most students are using the little mini staplers. I didn’t realize those came with colored staples, though, but it makes perfect sense. I’m glad you cleared that up for me!

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