Gmail wants your grandma’s address

Well, kinda. The all-online, all-the-time e-mail provider knows that everyone has at least one Luddite on their holiday e-mail newsletter address list, and they want to help. They will send a free, personalized holiday postcard — on real paper! delivered by a real postal worker! — to anyone in the U.S. All you have to do is fill out an online form, cut-and-paste some pseudo-sincere seasonal sentiment, and cross Aunt Clara and Uncle Roscoe off your list.

Details here: Official Gmail Blog: Spread some holiday cheer, one card at a time


4 thoughts on “Gmail wants your grandma’s address

  1. Exactly! Before you know it, Grandma will be getting more mail from Google than from you, and who needs that kind of extra guilt? "Dear, why didn't you send me a card on Valentine's Day? At least Gmail sent me a card …"

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