Come for the Gobbler, stay for the Bleat

Gobbler Restaurant Carport

If you look at just one Web site in your life from this moment forward, please PLEASE let it be this one.
James Lileks, he of the ultra-amusing Gallery of Regrettable Food, has an in-depth look — with pictures! — of The Gobbler Supper Club Motel in Wisconsin. This sadly defunct edifice was a cheese-tastic creation, with more shag carpeting on the walls that even Elvis dared use to line the Jungle Room. I can’t possibly do it justice, and I won’t spoil the hilarity by trying to quote random lines here and there. Really, like the best of John Irving’s farcical novel scenes, it’s the cumulative effect of Lileks’ prose and the unbelievable illustrations that build to a crescendo of snorting, gurgling, wheezing cackles. Just go. You won’t be sorry.
Once you’ve caught your breath again, poke around the rest of Lileks’ site. It’s a crazy virtual junk drawer of fascinating bits and pieces, from snarky commentary on other countries’ paper money to a collection of odd matchbooks. Reading his stream-of-consciousness blog, Bleat, has highlighted many an otherwise dreary day for me.

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