Fun at the ole fairgrounds

I’ve devoted a fair amount of energy on this blog to mocking and waxing indignant over the plethora of errors that newspapers make. It’s only fair that I point out some good stuff once in a while, too. The staff of the Des Moines Register‘s Juice section (i.e., the young and the hip) are blogging the Iowa State Fair this year. It’s an enjoyable glimpse into this beloved state tradition, in all its heartwarming strangeness.

Exhibit one: A post today on a visit to the baby animal barn. It’s apparently devoted to gestating mammals of all sorts and their fresh-born offspring. Depending on your luck, you and/or your munchkins can even watch actual baby animals actually being born. (Quick question for parents: Would this be a very good or a very bad way to jump-start the “birds and bees” conversation with kids?)

Anyway, there’s a picture of a perfectly adorable baby lamb, and this quote from blogger Cara:

As I was admiring a baby lamb on wobbly legs this old woman next to me goes, “Oh aren’t they so cute? And I love lamb!” Oh the state fair. Where we admire the animals. Then eat them on a stick.

That made me snort out loud. Well played, Cara.