Go Cubs … Go!?

Enough with the boring health stuff. It’s time to talk about what’s really important — the Chicago Cubs.

The second half of the season begins today after a four-day pause for the All-Star Game and attendant hoopla. I usually dread the All-Star break, because it is four days without real baseball and let’s face it, the middle of July is not exactly a whirlwind of sports activity. There’s major league baseball and … let’s see … oh! the Tour de France (but no Lance Armstrong this year), and … um … the British Open (but no Tiger Woods this year), and … yeah, that’s about it. So the All-Star break is a wasteland. It’s four days when sports fans are expected to actually, like, interact with their friends and family instead of the television or radio. Like I said, a wasteland.

But this year, I found myself actually looking forward to the All-Star break. I needed a little breather after the first half of the season saw the Chicago Cubs bolt out to the best record in the major leagues (57-38!) and lead the NL Central Division by 4 games over the Satanic Red Fowl (aka the St. Louis Cardinals). As much as I love the Cubs, I think we can all agree that this is not typical Cubs behavior. Yes, I want them to win, I ache for them to win. I’m just not used to them, you know, winning. How long will it last? When will the bottom fall out and the joke be revealed? Is it possible that this really is the year? No Cubs fan with a memory that stretches back to 2003 wants to get their hopes up. But at the same time, I am not going to be one of those lame fans who breathes a sigh of relief when the Cubs hit a rocky patch, thankful that they seem to be reverting to all-too-familiar form.

No, I want them to win. I expect them to win. More importantly, I am starting to believe that they can win. So you can see why the four-day All-Star break was so needed. It was a chance to regroup, to take a deep breath before plunging back into the season. Now I’m ready for the wild ride to October. Bring it on!