Another of life’s imponderable questions

Why do guys with gray ponytails always seem to be smirking? And why does it annoy me so much?


5 thoughts on “Another of life’s imponderable questions

  1. Because if I still had enough hair on my head to grow a ponytail after turning gray I would be smirking too. As for the second question, you hate old people? 🙂

  2. I love old people! Of course, I keep redefining what constitutes “old” upward every year, you understand. Right now, it’s around 80.And as far as I’m concerned, bald is way more attractive than a gray ponytail. With or without the smirk.

  3. They’re always smirking because they believe, mistakenly, that other people think they’re cool. Thanks for swinging by my blog – why don’t I stop by here more often?

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