What Is a Progressive?

That’s the question lots of people ask when I tell them what my political affiliation is. We are so accustomed in this country to defining people by what political party they belong to. Democrat or Republican mean very clear things to people. But I don’t like being confined to one party when neither major party seems to want to fight for the things I believe in. I am an Independent when it comes to how I vote, and a Progressive when it comes to what I believe.

Created by Adam Klugman and Jefferson Smith of the Oregon Bus Project, this video sums up everything I want to explain to people who ask me, “what is a progressive?” It especially appeals to me as a historian who spent many an engrossing hour learning about the Progressive Era in America from Professor Stromquist at UI., who is one of the best professors I’ve ever had the privilege of learning from.

Thanks to the folks at Left in the West, where I first discovered the video.