Nifty Google tricks

One of my favorite things about Google is the way you can use the search engine to perform basic calculations for you without having to go to a conversion calculator page. For example, you can type “165 cm in inches” (without the quotes) and Google returns a page with the calculation “165 centimeters = 64.9606299 inches”. How cool is that? And you can do it with temperature (Celsius to Fahrenheit and vice versa), too.

So I’ve been using the Google Calculator function for a while. But this post at Lifehacker takes the cake: you can check the current time anywhere in the world just by typing the word “time” and the city in the Google search box. So if (just hypothetically speaking) you were interested in the current time in Baku, Azerbaijan, where the FILA World Wrestling Championships are about to get underway, you can type “time baku” in the search box, and voila! You find out that it’s 4:03 a.m. Wednesday. So Mike Zadick and Doug Schwab are probably sound asleep, dreaming of gut wrenches and gold medals.

I’m sure there are other awesome Google shortcuts out there, just waiting to be discovered. If you know any, please leave them in the comments. I’m trying to collect the whole set.