You can’t stop him, you can only hope to contain him

Nowhere in this story in Der Spiegel, about a “shoplifting squirrel” that keeps sneaking into a Finnish grocery store and stealing chocolate candy eggs (unwrapping them on the spot, eating the chocolate, and leaving the toy surprise behind), do they ask the question that was uppermost in my mind:

Why the hell doesn’t the store try to stop it?!

I mean, how tough can it be to keep a freaking squirrel out of the grocery store? What other wildlife is running amok in Aisle 7? Are there raccoons rummaging through the bread aisle, eating the tops off all the hamburger buns? Are there owls loitering around the magazine rack, wrinkling up the pages of Field & Stream while they look for the centerfold? And who — or what — has been nibbling on the Nilla Wafers?