Is that a threat or a promise?

According to an ABC News story, increasing numbers of vegans are refusing to have sex with meat-eaters. “Their body odor is pungent. Their sweat is extremely smelly. Their spit, and all their body fluids, are strong and stinky. Vegetarian people are not so smelly,” Janna Cunningham, who has been a vegetarian for 32 years, and a vegan for 10, told ABC

Pointing out that it’s exactly that sort of humorless rigidity that makes vegans (mostly) unattractive to (most) meat-eaters would be mean-spirited. So I won’t.

I will, however, point out that even PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) isn’t down with giving carnivores the cold shoulder. “Sex is a very effective form of outreach and activism,” said Dan Shannon, a PETA spokesman, and 10-year veteran vegan, who thought meat eaters could be converted by their partners.