Midterm update: Bad news, good news

Well, Friday was a hell of a day. It started badly, got a lot worse, then rebounded at the end. Kind of like riding a rollercoaster, but without the barf bag.

The bad start was at work, where I went in with the idea of asking to leave an hour early in order to cram some last-minute studying for that damn Italian midterm. Instead, I got hit with a faculty member asking me to review a manuscript and answer 42 author’s queries from the publisher, mostly missing citations and such. Oh, and it had to be sent back the same day. I found most of the missing citations, didn’t find a few, and punted on a bunch of questions that had to do with content that the author, unsurprisingly, should answer herself (imagine that: an author responding to author queries!)

The worse came during that Italian midterm, which was at least as bad as I thought it would be. I have no idea how I did, but I’m pretty sure it will turn out to be my lowest grade since I returned to college. The subjunctive, the conditional, the “if” clause — I hate them all with a royal passion. I have resigned myself to never being fluent in Italian; now I just want to make sure it doesn’t drag my GPA into the gutter before I’m through with it.

All of which made the next development that much sweeter. We received our graded midterms from Images, and I got a 97. Not too bad, I guess. It was a good way to end the day, for sure. That and a movie, Ladri di Saponetta, which was very ironic and funny. And class let out early, to boot. I’m sure glad those 2 Italian classes aren’t switched on the schedule. I would have hated to get the good grade, then get kicked in the gut by that crappy midterm.


One thought on “Midterm update: Bad news, good news

  1. Hi Julia,I commend you for your tenacity. I remember when I was studying for my masters I had one class that I just couldn’t get a grasp on… everyone has at least one of these. At the time I wanted to simply drop it and move on. You know, kind of like “giving up”. I really wasn’t interested in it, it was an elective and quite frankly had little to do with my major. When I approached the prof and let him in on my little plan he suggested I simply “ride it out”, telling me it would all come together in the end. What can I say, he was convincing. I rode it out, got to the end and nothing came together like he said it would. To this day I wonder how that class influenced my life.Needless to say, one of the influences was to “see things through”, regardless of the outcome. As for the GPA… well, that was “influenced” too. It took me two good quarters to bring it back up.So, keep on keeping on.Dennis

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