Today’s iPod report

I acted on a hot tip from, which published a roundup of Web sites where you can download legal mp3 files. I checked some out, and scored 35 new songs in one night. Almost all of them are from artists I’ve never heard of, which was what I was going for. If you know and have an opinion about any bands that I mention here, let yourself be heard!

So today, some thoughts on the best of bunch so far:

1. Love Invincible, Michael Franti. Kind of bluesy, roots-rocky kind of thang. I like it. I downloaded another song of his, Everybody Loves Music, but it hasn’t floated to the top of the playlist yet. Stay tuned …

2. 2000 Miles, Coldplay. A cover of the old Pretenders song (love the Pretenders, but I digress…) I like it. But can someone tell this hopelessly unhip 40-year-old — would you consider this a typical Coldplay sound? Just trying to figure out if I should seek out their original stuff.

3. Church in Calhoun, Boxharp. Another band I never heard of. Very nice story song. I’d like to listen to it again when I’m not on the loud-as-hell Cambus, so I can actually hear the lyrics clearly without making my ears bleed. Also have several other songs from them; TBL (To Be Listened, I guess).