They don’t like me? But I’m so damn likable!

Why does rejection always feel so … personal? Today I received the student evaluations from the class I tutored this fall. Most of them were fine; the students said they found my comments helpful and they actually incorporated them often into their finished drafts. Then there were the couple whose comments were totally negative.

Did they really find my comments and conferences “not at all helpful”? Did they really “never” incorporate my suggestions into their final drafts? Do they really think I’m an “ass pimple on the University of Iowa”?

OK, I made that last one up, and at least there weren’t any personally hostile comments, but still. It hurts a little to know there were students I didn’t manage to reach. Unlike some of my own writing assignments, I actually put some work into theirs! I spent several hours reading and commenting on all 10 papers (twice during the semester), and planning for our one-on-one conferences. I hate to think I wasted my time.

The program supervisor says not to worry; a couple of negative evals are normal, and you have to remember not to take it personally. So I’m trying. But doggone it, it’s not working yet.


One thought on “They don’t like me? But I’m so damn likable!

  1. Browsing through Blogger, and came across your site. =) I think in every aspect of our lives, the thing majority of us fear most is rejection. And it always sucks! I’m sure you aren’t an ass pimple! *Lol*Maria

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