Why I Love My iPod

After months of Pod envy, I finally scraped up the cash to buy an iPod about a month ago. (Actually, I used some of my financial aid for the fall semseter; hey, it’s educational! I use it as an external hard drive to transport files between my home PC and the computer labs to print. So there.)
I carefully compared the different versions, and finally decided “in for a penny, in for a pound” and splurged on the 40GB monster. How long did I say I’ve had it? A month? I already can’t imagine living without it.
Why is that? How do I love my iPod? Let me count the ways …

  1. I can download and listen to one of my favorite NPR shows, “On the Media,” for free every week. Because heaven knows turning off the football game at 1 p.m. to actually listen to the show on the radio is just too much to ask.
  2. I can listen to the entire Winterland bootleg without switching CDs in the middle of “Rosalita.”
  3. I can essentially program my own radio station by creating goofy playlists that combine songs by John Hiatt, Johnny Cash and John Mayer, among others. This is really the best part for anyone who loves more than one kind of music. No one commercial radio can serve up the music I want to listen to.

On this page, I will be offering up a daily checklist of what I’m listening to as I go about my day, from home to school to work to home to wherever.